SARI is short for Smyrnea (smur- knee- ah) Archaeological Research Institute.  While our name may be long we have a simple goal; to provide citizens and visitors alike a unique, personal experience with the past through archaeology. The Smyrnea colony began in 1768 and for nine years these hard working men and women built a new way of life as part of British East Florida.  These first colonists built hundreds of structures including a windmill, a church, large agricultural processing areas, and of course, the irrigation canals that are perhaps the most visible remnant of the colony.

We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery to bring the life of the colony into focus. Our long range research goal is to produce a physical colony map through the recording of archaeological sites that have already been documented and those that are still unknown.  If you are a private land owner in New Smyrna, Edgewater, or Port Orange along the Indian River and would like to become involved, contact us.

SARI is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to discovering the past to enrich our future.